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Prabowo Subianto Menghormati Rakyat Indonesia dari Petani Hingga Nelayan di Hadapan Para Sarjana UKRI

Bandung – Chairman of the National Education Foundation of the Republic of Indonesia, Prabowo Subianto expressed his respect for the people who always work hard to earn a halal living.

This was revealed by Prabowo in front of hundreds of male and female graduates of the University of the Republic of Indonesia (UKRI) at the Trans Convention Center, Bandung, West Java, on Thursday (29/2).

“You may be proud to be a scholar. But I, actually in my heart, I really respect street vendors; online motorcycle taxi drivers, meatball sellers; farmers, farm workers; daily workers; dock workers; fishermen who risk their lives to find food for their wives and children,” said Prabowo.

“The street vendor, every day he goes out, pushes his sweat, looking for food for his children and wife. That’s what we respect. They are noble. They are honest. They earn a halal living,” he continued.

Prabowo said that the knowledge of scholars must be beneficial for the common people. He also reminded academics of all levels of education to prioritize the interests of the people.

“I remind you of this. Hey scholars, hey professors, hey technocrats. Your knowledge must be for your nation and your people. Your knowledge is for the nation and the country,” he said.

Prabowo then advised scholars to always seek knowledge so that they can become leaders who love their country and people.

“I entrust this to the young people, be leaders who love the people,” said Prabowo.

UKRI is a campus built from the noble ideals of the Soemitro Djojohadikusumo family who envision Indonesia as a better nation. Until now, UKRI has six faculties covering various fields of study. (SENOPATI)


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